Located in beautiful Hazelton, BC

Calming ~ Refreshing ~ Restorative
Unplug your phone, press pause and step into our nurturing studio.

Welcome to Yoga Shack BC, a school of movement and wellness.

Our intention is to invite inspiration, community and encouragement. Exercise is important, and yoga creates benefits that go well beyond exercise. Mindfulness and awareness infuse the mind, body and breath into union with consciousness. Come and find some calm amongst the chaos and reunite with yourself.
As we grow the community of wellness, we welcome you to come and move, sit and breathe.

Welcome to YSBC


Your health is an investment, not an expense.


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Cost is variable depending on your needs.

Additional Benefits include a beautiful calm ambience, a shared Zen tea room for clients, washer/dryer, hydro, snow clearing included and plenty of storage and car parking.

Workplace Wellness

At Yoga Shack BC, we offer tools to encourage healthy habits and practices that will assist your workers with improved physical and emotional well-being.

Together we can nourish a culture of health and wellness in your organisation.
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