About the Shack

Our Story

Calming, refreshing, restorative!

Wellness and movement offer us the opportunity to refresh and renew our lives in line with our deeper intentions. It’s a great time to return to the basics and lay a solid foundation towards our health and vitality.
What are the foundations for you? The breath? The body?  Movement?  Stillness?

Cultivating present time intentions is a process of beginning again and again. Moment by moment. Our busy minds and distracted lives often keep us from finding the time for ourselves.
At Yoga Shack BC, we like to think we offer classes, events and therapists to support your self-care journey.

Come and be present, slow down, even if just for a moment!

Take Time for You


Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. Time for us to balance ourselves, to bring peace back in our soul and bring calm into all aspects of life. An old Zen saying  “you should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day, unless you are busy, then you should sit for an hour”.