Class Descriptions

Breathe & Flow Yoga

Get your body moving, your face smiling and your mind resting. Be ready to use your legs, core and so much more. Combining strength and fluidity, these classes move at a steady pace. Modifications will be offered to suit varying levels of practitioners. Focus is on breath-synchronized movement to encourage greater body awareness and increased energy. A great class for beginners to build a solid foundation and for experienced practitioners to refine their practice and knowledge.

Sundays 10am – 11:15am
With Rosie Williams

Kids Aerial Play 5 – 9yo

Join us for the 10 week Aerial Series for kids ages 9+. There are many benefits for children of all ages from the development of social skills, body awareness to neurological and developmental benefits. 
Kids are guided through aerial yoga sequences and safely learn aerial inversions. The inversions are always optional and other poses will be offered as alternatives.

Mondays 4pm-5pm
With Rosie Williams

Kids Aerial Play Ages 9+

Join us for the 10 week Aerial Series for kids ages 9+. 
Kids are guided through aerial yoga sequences and safely learn aerial inversions. The kids experience movement in different directions and orientations to develop proper balance. The Kids Aerial Program truly commits to Yoga Shack BC’s mission of empowering young yogis to feel strong, confident, and aware. 

Mondays 5:15pm-6:15pm
With Rosie Williams

Aerial Flow

Class opening again in December! Newbies and all levels are welcome. Aerial yoga helps you to move more freely an with less effort. Enjoy the benefits of suspended yoga and feel how it decompresses the spine, strengthens your core and allows you to get deep into stretches all while having fun! Being wrapped in silk and held, feeling safe and supported, is pure bliss.

Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm
With Rosie Williams

Aerial Stretch

Yoga first thing in the morning is amazing! Newbies and studio regulars welcome for this one. A more gentle class in the silks. Slow deep stretching, gentle strengthening and calming for the mind. Come play with us in this fun form of exercise. Finding a connection between your body, mind and breath is going to set you up for a wonderful day. Class ends with a relaxation in savasana, in our cocoons feeling nurtured and supported.

Tuesdays 6:45am -7:45am
With Rosie Williams

Chair Yoga

Everyone is welcome! Classes will be beginner-friendly and taught in a gentle, friendly manner. These are great for our wiser generation as well as tight or injured bodies coming back into movement gently. Classes are by donation and no booking needed, run on first come basis.

Tuesdays 2:30pm-3:15pm
With Beverly Combs

Warm Hatha – Slow & Steady

Enjoy our Warm Hatha yoga session. Class includes deep stretching, slow mindful movement, strengthening and balancing, with guided relaxation to release layers of tension and tightness. Enjoy the warmer temperature (not hot yoga) for winter, with mental focus to develop awareness to the whole being and internal wellness.

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm
With Beverly Combs

Yin Yoga

Melt into Yuminess! Yin is meditative, slow paced, balancing an active or yang lifestyle. Yin yoga works on the connective tissues which responds best to a slow, steady load, which is why we hold the poses for longer. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time in this way, the body will respond by making it a little longer and stronger. Experience nourishment and release to mind, body and the nervous system.

Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm
With Rosie Williams

Warm Yin-Yang

Yin yoga is often described as the other half of a yoga practice. Waking up with a balance of Yin & Yang and breaking down the connective tissue fuzz that develops as we sleep. Practising in a ‘warm’ room, not hot. The Yang practice is a more movement based practice, affecting muscles, making them longer and stronger. Our slower Yin practice encourages the body to slowly and mindfully enter yin shapes. Using the breath and remaining focused on the sensations promoted by the pose developing qualities of surrender, allowing full nourishment to the body’s meridians and joints, a perfect beginning to your day. 

Thursdays 6:30am-7:30am
With Rosie Williams

Core Flow

Expect to increase energy and vitality while building strength and stamina. Some of us can benefit from more mobility (flexibility) while for others building strength and stability is going to be more useful. Our understanding of this and our knowledge of how to personalise the postures is essential to getting the most out of the practice. This class uses a combination of movement, postures and breath to work on strength, flexibility and balance to give you a good physical work-out finishing with some grounding and stretching.

Thursdays 5:30pm-6:30pm
With Erley Combs

$5 Fridays Community Class

First Friday each month only. Community classes are open to everyone but are not recommended for pre- natal students or anyone working with serious injury or chronic pain. A mixed class each month offering a sense of calm and wellbeing. Come and stretch and de-stress!

Fridays 5pm-6pm
With Rosie Williams