2wk Self-Care Package

2wk Self-Care Package

Join us in January for a 2wk Collective Self-Care Journey.
10th to 23rd January 2023.

5 Wonderful Facilitators to guide and support you through this dedicated journey.
Is it time to Refocus on your Wellness?
Welcome to the heart of our 2wk journey that is about setting new healthy habits and finding momentum in re-committing to your health within a supportive wellness community.
Sometimes we need to Take a Pause to Restore…
Winter is the perfect time to slow down, to heal, to restore and replenish. While still continuing with all our daily duties, learning to take a little time out each day can deeply support your body, digestion, sleep rhythms and your nervous system.

This program will include unlimited classes at the studio, a 60min session with either Kinesiology or Thai Bodywork and 2 x Community Acupuncture sessions. You will also learn various breathwork (pranayama) & meditation tools along the way. And door prizes!
We will offer simple healthy tips to implement daily habits, even in the chaos of our daily lives. 🙂
Classes are accessible to all levels of health and fitness. The advantage of this journey is you can implement your own goals and objectives to fit your schedule.
BENEFITS: Overall Wholesome Wellbeing
Some of the elements you may collect on this journey are:
~ Concentration, Focus & Energy Levels – so you can achieve those little or big goals you have been wanting to check off your list.
~ Your Relationship with your Body ~ relearning to feel good in your body, no matter your size or physical abilities.
~ Clarity – so you can say “no” to things that pull you away from things you love ~ & yes to the things that bring you purpose and joy.
~ Wellbeing & Confidence ~ so you feel more settled, grounded and anchored in your day-to-day life and from a more balanced state to face the obstacles that come your way.
~ Nourished and Nurtured Nervous System (rebalancing our parasympathetic & sympathetic) and benefit from the healing and restorative effects.
~ Better Sleep & Moods ~ which we know can affect our daily lives so much when out of balance.
~ Connection with Nature ~ getting outside in nature can help to slow down, and benefit from the healing effects found in nature as you reconnect with your inner tuition and restorative effects.
~ A vibrant felt sense of commitment to your wellbeing!

The Two-Week Program details will look a little like this, but may be subject to change:
(With additional self care tips to add into daily routines some so simple, no different to brushing your teeth and journalling for those who wish)
Begins Tuesday 10th January:
Tuesdays:        Movement class:  Slow Flow 6pm (2nd Tuesday addon Sunrise Aerial Yoga 7am 45mins)
Wednesdays:   Movement Class: Sunrise Yoga 7am (45min)
Thursdays:       Movement class:  Stretch & Release 5:15pm
Fridays:            Nature Day:  take a walk, ski, skate outside for the time you have avail
Saturdays:       Community Acupuncture session (Sat 14th @ 10am – Sat 21st @ 1pm)
Sundays:           Chill Day: to take a moment doing something you enjoy, reading, arts etc
Mondays:         Movement class:  Butts & Bellies 12:10pm lunchtime class (40min) & Calming class: Yin Yoga 4:45pm
You can book your 60min therapy session within the 2 week program or outside at a more convenient time.

Our goal is for each one of you to wrap up this 2wk collective journey with an awakened energy and nourished nervous system. To feel a sense of confidence in your healthy living goals and a forward momentum to committing to healthy habits. Our studio will be here to continue supporting you beyond the 2 weeks if you are ready to continue to nurture and nourish your wholesome self.

Love from Rosie, Erley, Angelique, Lauren & Hillary.
More about the facilitators soon.

Please feel free to connect with us with any questions.
rosie@yogashackbc.com or 250 643 4727
ALL THIS FOR JUST $165 +gst until December 16th.
Regular rate: $189 +gst.


Event Information

  4358 11th Avenue, New Hazelton, BC, Canada
}  January 10, 2023 to January 23, 2023
  Tuesday, 10:29 pm to 10:29 pm
n  Meditation, Self Care Program, Yoga
  Early Risers Yoga, Energise Yoga, Refresh Yourself, Self Care

Event Organizer

   Rosie Williams

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