Aerial & Restorative Aerial Training

Welcome to our annual in-studio Aerial Yoga Training.

I am so looking forward to this event, and I’m really pleased and honored that you’ll be joining me.
This immersive training will teach you everything you need to learn to teach others aerial yoga, but you will also be guided towards a philosophy of ongoing self inquiry to bring out your unique gifts in becoming the evolution of your own yoga, even if you choose not to teach afterwards. Both teachers, and individuals interested in self-development are welcome to the training.
Prior experience in practicing or teaching yoga (aerial or mat yoga) is a bonus, but not required! This course starts at level one, so all levels are welcome to enroll.
This is Yoga Alliance eligible 40hrs CEUs for those receiving credits.
This training is in the beautiful Hazelton’s, northern BC.


Learn to teach with the silk at 3 different height levels. An expressive and playful way to experience “silk” hammocks, Aerial yoga and fitness develop your core and general body strength, coordination, and grace. You will experience a playful and deeper body connection through rhythmic movement. Our Aerial training uses both low and waist-high hammock to safely and smartly progress skill level. The restorative segment of the training practices at very low to the ground. The rhythmic flow and mindful pace keep each student enthusiastically but safely working toward his/her edge. Expert sequencing helps your students avoid nausea, maximize endurance, progress skills, and stay safe.

Restorative Aerial Yoga is a deeply healing, low to the ground, suspension practice in an aerial hammock. With the intention to restore and relax the nervous system, experience a deep pelvic release, decompression of the spine, and lower back relief. In Restorative Aerial Yoga, swaying and swiveling the body from the base of the spine organically offers a safe haven for letting go. Learn the tools to guide students into a meditative state as they relax into the support of the silks and soothe the entire nervous system.

Our training system blends the mental, physical and emotional bodies, leaving you feeling elevated inside and out.
“The very heart of yoga practice is Abhyasa, steady effort in the direction you want to go”. Sally Kempton

We will cover:
~ How to effectively use your hammock as a prop to enhance both active and passive restorative postures
~ Various movement and creative class sequences
~ Creative transitions & rhythmic cueing and teaching techniques
~ Hammock height variations
~ Sequencing theory (to create your own)
~ Restorative poses & sequencing
~ Functions of nervous system & influencing the parasympathetic system
~ Meditation & Pranayama Techniques (breath exercises) promoting calm, repose and homeostasis
~ Spotting, safety, and adjusting your students
~ Equipment and rigging safety

Included is a printed manual that includes photos and descriptions.

How does the hammock affect the energy body? The emotional body? The nervous system and circulatory systems? How should this knowledge affect your sequencing?  This course teaches you not only what to do within the hammock, but offers the understanding to create new ways of using the hammock to support your asana and pranayama within a practice. We will explore fundamentals including zero compression inversions while still feeling the support of the ground. You will learn the ins and outs of using the yoga silk, the principles and techniques of aerial yoga.
As yogis, we never stop learning and we never stop growing. After this 40hr training, continue to learn and expand that growth.
Come join our community to share the wonderful world of aerial yoga.

May you learn, practice, and share from a whole-hearted awareness.


Full Investment: $1195 +gst

Earlybird Rate $1050 +gst if paid in full by 31st August.
A non-refundable deposit of $350 to confirm your place (unless applied on an individual basis).
The remainder is to be paid in full by Sept 15th (unless on a payment plan).
We are more than happy to set up a payment plan. Please contact us to set it up.
Once your application is received and approved you will be notified to send the confirmation deposit or full payment.
Happy Flying!

A little about the teacher Rosie Wiliams:
Greetings. My almost 20-year path of yoga and wellness growth has led me to focus on our internal medicine to quiet and calm the mind. With over 1000 hours of training’s throughout the past 2 decades my intention is to continue the path of learning, experiencing and teaching. I am so honoured to share with you, this beautiful essence of wellness.
My yoga path has enabled me to stay balanced through my own journey of mountain sports, motherhood, physical injury, and mental wellbeing. Along with the calming classes I love to guide these trainings to expand the wonderful world of aerial yoga to our wellness communities. My teachings are rooted in mindful movement and space for the physical, emotional and mental bodies to reset. I guide a lot of slow-paced styles such as Restorative, and Yin Yoga that offers you the time to stretch, open and deeply relax your nervous system and bring about a state of harmonization. My style of Aerial yoga approach to wellness is the perfect balance to allow accessibility to all practitioners through this wonderful prop. When I am not learning and guiding, I am also teaching teachers and always so humbled to be part of these communities.
I invite you to feel all the feels and nourish your wholesome self. With Metta, Rosie.




  1. Sandra Luis

    Id like to sign up for the ariel + restorative yoga course please. Can u email me the application form.

    • ROSIE

      Have also emailed you. 🙂


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