Arts & Aerial for Self-Care

Arts & Aerial for Self-Care
Your permission slip has been granted to retreat and unwind.

Rosie & Julie invite you to slow down and enjoy a combination of playful movement through aerial yoga, soothing meditations, simple art directives, calming breathwork & yin yoga.

We provide a nurturing environment for participants. A day, truly given to cultivate self-discovery and self-care.
Where movement meets stillness and creativity meets self-exploration.
All you need to do is show up and surrender to the inspiration and creativity that evolves through the day.
Come home to yourself, and embrace these gentle guided moments of self-care.

An in-studio event in the beautiful Hazeltons.
Please note, that no art or aerial yoga experience is needed. Newbies are welcome.
All art materials and yoga props are provided.

With each aerial pose, feel the release of the weight of the world and rediscover the joy of being weightless and free.
Enjoy the Art therapy activities, that can activate our creative right brain to create new neural pathways, formulating different ways of thinking and being.
With each yin shape, feel the release into the moment and notice all that’s occurring within you.
Enjoy visualisation meditations and simple art directives to feel into your unique creativity.

Julie Chaplin is a Professional Art Therapist and a self-taught artist with a background in 5-Element Acupressure and visualization meditations. Julie has always created art for its guidance, perspective, and transformative power. Her passion for the arts and creativity combines perfectly with her desire to help others.
Rosie Williams has been sharing the art of yoga and relaxation for 20 years. Her path of yoga and wellness over the years has led her to focus on our internal medicine to quiet and calm the mind and reset the nervous systems. 
Rosie’s teachings are rooted in mindful movement and space for the physical, emotional and mental bodies to reset.

Julie & Rosie have hosted and facilitated many retreats and workshops together over the years.
Each one is unique in the offerings, we guide and facilitate with the intention of self-exploration and self-compassion.
We invite you to feel all the feels and nourish your wholesome self.
With Metta, Rosie & Julie

Self-Care Investment:
Regular Rate: $199 +gst
Earlybird Rate:
$169 +gst (paid by 10th September)
Please note after Sept 20th no refunds are available, however, we understand things happen in life, if a waitlist fills your position, we will consider a partial refund after admin costs. Individual circumstances will determine the outcome.

Arts & Aerial for Self-Care is at Yoga Shack BC
4358 11th avenue, New Hazelton, BC, V0J 2J0
Connect with any questions.
250 643 4727

Time for a little extra reading… find out more about Art Therapy:
Art therapy can offer relief from a variety of issues such as pain, grief, anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. It facilitates self-exploration and self-expression and is a healthy form of self-compassion and self-care. It can be a safe and creative way to communicate our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, and gives voice to the subconscious through metaphor, symbols, lines, and colour.

The neural pathways in our brains are like footpaths – the more travelled they are, the deeper and more defined they get. Our thoughts, actions, and reactions become automatic. Art therapy activates our creative right brain to create new neural pathways formulating different ways of thinking and being.

Insight Art Therapy’s mission is to provide a fun, non-threatening, and creative approach to empower clients, cultivate self-care, reduce stress, and problem-solve using a variety of art materials.

Event Information

  4358 11th Ave, New Hazelton, V0J 2J0, British Columbia, Canada
}  October 26, 2024
  Saturday, 01:00 pm to 06:00 pm
n  Aerial, Art Therapy, Meditation, Nervous System Nourishment, Restorative, Restorative Wellness, Self Care Program, Workshop, Yoga
  Aerial Yoga, Art Therapy, Artwork, Breathwork, Relaxation, Restorative, Self Care, Yin Yoga, Yoga
    CAD195 Earlybird

Event Organizer

   Rosie Williams & Julie Chaplin

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