Re-Treat Yourself – Medical Community

Re-Treat Yourself – Medical Community

A special customised offering to the Medical Community, who, for good reason are feeling the effects of exhaustion and burnout…
Is it time to recommit to yourself?
How can you help others if you’re exhausted or stressed out?

As you are guided through movement, mindfulness, inquiry and stillness, our intention through this 2-day program is to guide you toward nurturing your own self-care journey.
You will be offered 4 sessions and each session are two hours of various mindful exercises, movement and breathwork.
These sessions are an invitation to immerse yourself in the present moment using the tools of your practice, body and breath.
We begin by cultivating the right frame of mind and approach. Then we welcome the subtle openings the practices have to offer, whilst having the time and opportunity to witness and explore our inner landscape. Enjoy the soothing breath while nourishing the nervous system.
Benefits of these types of healing practices, include reducing anxiety, deepening sleep, strengthening the immune system and increasing well-being.
Allow your emotional well-being to find balance and calm.
Breathe life back into your body.

Session 1 – Sat 10am to noon
Slow Down & Feel
Experience short mindful exercises designed to help you to de-stress and clear your mind. It’s perfect for when you need a little mental break.
By the end of this session, you should feel calmer than when you began, and be able to face the challenges of everyday life better than when totally hyped up.
Shift Your Self Talk.

Session 2 – Sat 2pm to 4pm
Playful Movement
Many people find it difficult to slow down after a long day of work. Check-in and gently lift your mood.
Find a quietness of mind, a relief from the busyness of thoughts, worries and ruminations.
This playful movement process & breathwork will be ideal to help you find some space for yourself between your work, family & life commitments.

Session 3 – Sun 10am to noon
Release into Rest
Short meditations & gentle movement sessions are designed to help you de-stress and clear your mind.
You will experience and learn how to tone the vagal nerve and drop into the parasympathetic nervous system.
With gentle, accessible yoga shapes to help you relax and de-stress, this is a great class to drift into relaxing activities or even sleep.

Session 4 – Sun 2pm to 4pm
Nourish Whole Self
Bringing it all together. Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed, busy, or simply like we just need some time to ourselves; a little room to breathe and reconnect.
This class is meant to be just that – an opportunity to drop in and press pause.
A gentle floor-based practice with the intention of getting into all areas of the body & emotions to explore what we need.
We complete the weekend with some longer-held, more restorative poses to rest in that spaciousness.
Our intention is for you to be able to bring the space you’ve created with you off the mat.

Listen to the wisdom at our core, and help it restore to optimal function and health in our lives…

Our offering is $249/ person for the whole weekend.

Event Information

  4358 11th Ave, New Hazelton, V0J 2J0, BC, Canada
}  October 14, 2023 to October 15, 2023
  Saturday, 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
n  Meditation, Nervous System Nourishment, Restorative, Restorative Wellness, Self Care Program, Workshop

Event Organizer

   Rosie Williams

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