Rejuvenation Challenge – 2wk

JOIN US for these 2 weeks to Return to Balance!

This past year has been a rough ride (& still counting)!
This 2 wk Rejuvenation Challenge will help to bring you back to balance through meditations, breathing & relaxation exercises, yin yoga, core flows and more, from 15mins to 60min sessions.  All sessions will be available live-stream and movement sessions will have the option to also book in-studio if you’re local. The most important aspect of this Challenge is to keep it joyful! I reckon the most important part, as it nourishes the spirit in the heart.
And since it is also available online, you can join us from anywhere! 🙂

Prior to the 2wk challenge, you will receive your online Wellness Toolkit and an invitation to join our private Kula (community) page!
( Kula is a Sanskrit word. An intentional tribe or community who practise (and study) together. You don’t need to do this alone).

WHEN:  Sunday April 11th to Sunday April 25th.
Regular Investment: $129 +gst
Promotion Rate: First 5 Practitioners $99 +gst
(or when you book with a friend $99 +gst)

With day to day life already on-the-go and often stressful, our coping mechanisms from the past year reaching extreme level’s, it makes sense to receive this opportunity to enjoy more relaxed, rejuvenating, grounding practices that have tremendous benefits for stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system. In turn, you will receive greater resilience and wellness.
This challenge is suitable for everyone, all levels of fitness and shapes. Benefits ranging from lowering stress levels, to balancing hormones, better sleep, promoting self care, self love and a deeper connection and appreciation for oneself. Today, I humbly ask that we embrace this wellness community and help each other build the foundation of compassion and healing together and re-learning to honour thy body!

What you will receive in your Kula Wellness Toolkit:
~  Manual with a space to journal and set your GOALS.
~  A purposeful plan to support your health & wellness.
~  A space in your manual to PRIORITIZE your day and SCHEDULE around your goals to keep it ATTAINABLE & ACHIEVABLE.
~  The pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditations we use through the challenge to refer to easily.
~  Tips on how to utilize your new wellness toolkit and overcome self-sabotage.
~  You will learn to recognize the importance of balancing the elements within mind, body & emotions to optimize thoughts, actions, mood states and general wellbeing.
~  Invitation to our private Kula Wellness page.
~  A Kula tribe to practice with and love, laugh & cry.
(You can register your space now and actual class times will be available to book end of March – we will notify you). 🙂

This is a great opportunity to touch base with yourself again and understand the body on a deeper level in order to create a personalized plan that supports YOU and your NERVOUS SYSTEM!  We will offer quiet & calm, along with movement and energetic practices. While yang relates to movement and creating heat in the body. Yin is about finding stillness and cooling the body. We need both the yin and the yang to find balance and stay in optimal health throughout every stage of our lifespan. Accept this gift to slow down a little. We can’t wait to share this beautiful gift with you and guide you to Return to Balance.

Our Current Schedule Overview is as follows x 2WKS:
4 pm   Sundays:         Movement Medicine      60min
7am    Mondays:         Movement Medicine     25min
7 pm   Mondays:         Mental Vacation *         15min
7 am   Tuesdays:        Mental Vacation *         15min
6pm   Tuesdays:         Movement Medicine     25min
7am   Wednesdays:    Movement Medicine     45min
7pm    Wednesdays:   Mental Vacation*          15min
7am    Thursdays:       Mental Vacation *         15min
6pm   Thursdays:        Movement Medicine     60min
noon   Fridays:            Movement Medicine     30min
7pm    Fridays:            Mental Vacation *         15min
Rest Day Saturdays    Embrace Nature

* Mental Vacation will either be a meditation or breathing exercise, or a combo of both.
You can choose to add as much or little of the schedule into your own life, however, don’t take on too much. Keep it realistic.
We’ve added early mornings for the early birds and evenings for the later sleepers aiming to cater for all types, so don’t feel like you have to fit them all in, however if time allows, you are most welcome.
We will start and finish with Yin Yoga. Our first week has a focus on slowing down, grounding, as we re-learn to navigate and tap into our parasympathetic nervous system. Our 2nd week will focus on uplifting and nourishing ourselves and refilling our vessel.

Throughout the 14 days of this challenge, you can expect an expansion of your mental, physical and emotional toolkit, granting you an even greater capacity to navigate the ups and downs of the world, and tap into that greater connection of oneself. You can pick and choose the sessions that work with your schedule, or participate in all of them. However, don’t overload yourself, or your schedule. If you’re exhausted, rest. Embrace the sessions that you can and remember to honour yourself. Remember, you are enough and only take on what you can as you transition into balance of mind, body and emotions.

We are here for you!
To help guide you through the program to align and rebalance, as we share our knowledge, experience and wisdom ever so humbly.
Please connect with us if you have any questions or feedback.
From our heart to yours.
Love the Yogini Kula Tribe.
Rosie, Erley, Naomi & Denise.
(More details on the teachers to come)

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us.” Henry David Thoreau

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