Restorative Wellness Training!

Restorative Wellness Training!
Share the peaceful power of Restorative Wellness!
Restorative Yoga is a passive practise to integrate and to activate the body’s relaxation response and healing abilities, by offering an environment of ease and effortlessness.

20-hour Training!
Restorative Wellness is the perfect antidote for stressful, modern-day, on the go living.
This inspiring course is rooted in mindful learning’s and self-compassion, it is suitable for yoga teachers, mental health-care workers, first responders, wellness practitioners and individuals looking to deepen their own practice. Restorative Wellness is a style of yoga, breathwork and meditation that makes use of props to fully support the body and nervous system so that it can naturally relax and let go. It is a practice that can benefit mental health and emotional well-being.

Cost $525 +gst
SAVE $50 by registering by January 10th, 2020 at $475+gst.
Register your $250 non-refundable deposit to save your space.
Fee includes the training manual, hand-outs, and certificate.
This course is eligible for CEU’s with Yoga Alliance.
Prior certification to teach yoga is NOT a prerequisite for this course.

Our Offerings
Offering Restorative Wellness allows the students/clients, or yourself, an opportunity to deeply rest and delve into self-care.
Restorative Wellness stimulates your body’s natural healing mechanisms, assisting to; reduces stress, boost the immune system, deepen sleep and cultivates a quieter, clearer mind.
Through external situations and internal habits, such as long-held physical tension and limiting self-concepts, a person’s energy can become either deficient or excessive, therefore imbalanced. These imbalances may develop temporarily with situational challenges, or they may be chronic. A chronic imbalance can come from childhood experiences, past pain or stress, and internalised cultural values. When blockages occur, it triggers physical, mental, or emotional imbalances that manifest in symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy, or poor digestion. Through this course we will explore conscious relaxation cultivating a deep, inner stillness. Through this stillness, we allow our system to release into its integrative healing power. The course will guide you to assist clients through yoga breathing, postures, and meditation practices which can benefit mental health and emotional well-being. Participants will learn to teach safe, effective and accessible practices to individuals and groups with a focus on sharing with clients in behavioural health settings.

~ Yoga teachers who wish to offer Restorative classes.
~ Mental Health & Social Care workers.
~ First Responders to de-stress and learn self-regulation tools.
~ Students who love Restorative and wish to know more about the practices and deep relaxation.
~ Experienced yoga instructors looking for new information and ongoing training.
~ New instructors looking for guidance and support.
~ Anyone who loves Restorative Yoga.
~ Bodyworkers and therapists wishing to deepen relaxation techniques.
~ Open to all ages and abilities.

Together we will explore:
~Grounding & Personal Practice – creating a home practice; integrating this important and powerful practice into your personal life.
~Experiential learning: Explore deep relaxation, restorative yoga practices with guided meditations.
~A basic understanding of the nervous system.
~Grounding as an individual, teacher or therapist, holding a space of safety, support and stillness.
~Physiology of relaxation. Tools to assist clients or students and yourself to bring calm & peace into the body.
~The key concepts of the stress response and endocrine system.
~Meditation, mindfulness and breathwork to support deep relaxation.
~Practical experience sequencing and teaching restorative yoga classes.
~How to integrate restorative postures into Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin classes.

Modules will include:
~Restorative yoga postures & skilful use of props to aid deep relaxation & how to use them multiple ways.
~Discover the positive on the physical, neurological and energetic effects of Restorative Wellness.
~The autonomic nervous system & the relaxation response.
~Modifications for comfort.
~Artful sequencing and practice teaching using the language of relaxation.
BONUS you will receive 3 Playlists from my Spotify account.

Rosie the Yogini has been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2004. Her passion and heart of Yin and Restorative Yoga show in her guidance of these nurturing forms of practice in our stress-filled busy lives. Explore the ultimate balance of opposite energies that cannot exist without each other as Rosie shares her passion to help others feel great with yoga and breathing practices. “May you find value in my offerings”. Rosie imparts her passion for self-exploration and self-knowledge to adopt into your own teaching styles, wellness therapy, or personal development.
This course has been developed after many years of experience, practice, trainings and teaching. Rosie is very grateful to have been so fortunate to have been trained with Bernie Clarke and Paul Grilley, founders of bringing Yin into the west and many years of study and practice of Restorative yoga with teachers such as Cindi Lee, Janet Stone, Ellen Mosko and “I have been very blessed to study under some Swami’s in New Zealand. It is so humbling to continue the study and practice of the lifelong journey of Yoga Wellness!”


Inviting every limb, every joint and every muscle to be deeply at rest.
Take a deep breath.
With Gratitude, Rosie.

Event Information

  4358 11th Avenue, New Hazelton, V0J 2J0, BC, Canada
}  October 24, 2020 to October 25, 2020
  Saturday, 06:30 am to 05:30 pm
  250 643 4727
n  Trainings
   Remaining Tickets: 10

Event Organizer

   Rosie Williams

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